Netanyahu, I don’t want your Jewish State.

Also in Ha’aretz:

“The people of Israel, and I as their prime minister, are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way in a short time to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security prosperity – and good neighbors,” the prime minister said. … Netanyahu explained, addressing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas directly, that just as “you expect us to recognize a Palestinian state as the nation state of the Palestinian people, we expect you to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.”

Putting aside for a moment the fact – yes, FACT – that two states is impossible…

Why not recognize Israel as the nation state of … Israelis? I don’t want a nation state for my religion. I don’t want it here. I don’t want it anywhere. Sure, homelands are nice and all, but they’re not states. Why can’t we have a JOINT state, a secular democracy, that’s a homeland for EVERYBODY? Is this SO CRAZY? A homeland for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Baha’i, and whoever else wants to come along for the ride.

I eagerly and futilely await the day when the Israeli administration stops speaking as if it represents Jews worldwide. It doesn’t.

I may be the only one, but that’s something.


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