As a phenomenon, this is very interesting. The four comments I’ve received here on the piece I wrote for The Only Democracy have been supportive of and in agreement with my views, to say the least. Obviously it’s a small sample size from a self-selected group, but I still hope it’s reflective of a broader change in public opinion/perspective/what have you. It’s heartening to know that I’m not the only one who sees it this way and that people all over the world – not just here – believe what I do.

Unfortunately, I also think seeing Israel for what it is means seeing that there is so little hope for a violence-free solution. A commenter on my previous post mentions civil war in passing, but my cynical-realist perspective leads me to think that that is where this country is headed. Maybe not soon, but eventually, as the powers-that-be become more and more oligarchic. They are alienating not just the non-Jews but the majority of the country’s secular Jews, as well as American Jews, European Jews, and American and European non-Jews. Without global Jewish support, it is no longer either a Jewish state or a Jewish homeland. It is just another renegade, radical theocratic regime in the Middle East ruling through terror, dictatorship, totalitarianism, and fascism.

Heavy, heavy. But that’s life.

As a nice Jewish girl, I have to add: God forbid.


One thought on “Commentating

  1. Well, as Viktor Frankl wrote in “Man’s Search for Meaning”, it’s normal to do abnormal things in abnormal times.
    But the real point of that (who knows the point of what they say when they say it?–“If I could tell you what the dance meant, I wouldn’t have to dance it.”) is to urge us to recover the sense of normalcy. The better description for the establishment and prolongation of the modern state of Israel is a gangster regime, sort of a Yankee-trader crusader kingdom. The English, the US, who knows what European forces (I’ll bet Norman Finkelstein knows), conspired to flout the recognized and the emerging themes of international law in “creating” “the Jewish state”, and why else than to make a dishonest buck? Calling it an oligarchy over-dignifies it. Uri Avnery today says that the Tea Party movement looks like a bought-and-paid-for counterforce to any possible Obama attempt to normalize Israel–Avnery says that both the “Obama is a Muslim” and “Obama was not born in the US” canards are run by Israeli Jewish women. To put that another way, the issue is good faith v. bad faith, not true faith v. heresy.
    So how do you deal with gangsterism? The same way you deal with political error: fresh air: courtrooms, indictments, witnesses, well-written judgments, clearly defined principles of law. Gangsterism is shadow government. It is government’s job to show it can do a better job of governing–in the open, in the light, in the fresh air.
    Israel needs some law. Law, to coin a new definition in the terms of this current discussion, is overcoming violent use of language by non-violent use of language. It is disarming the logic-manglers by logic. In doing so, it disarms the lynchers’ command fuse, the mangled line of thinking that brought them out into the street.
    I’ve heard it said that you can’t talk to a, what, ultra-orthodox Jew if you’re not a fellow, well, nut-case. “You can’t talk to them.” That’s nuts. John Stuart Mill. Or “never pass up a chance to make a sale.” Or, the time to prove you have a legal leg to stand on is precisely when someone is brandishing a noose in your face. Is the law reasonable, a refuge for all? Then prove it to the guy who, so far, is convinced it offers nothing. Another new cliche: be the hero you’re waiting for.
    Today’s ultra-orthodox Jew (that phrase sounds rather hateful) may be calling the shots, but how many seconds would it require to demonstrate that a civil rights regime is a longer-term, better hope for peace and security than some campaign of killing all the evil, crazy people? Any proponent of that latter course could only utter it with gross tension in tone and gesture, which the interlocutor could readily point out, both to the onlookers and to the proponent. “You seem rather terrified at the prospect of your own success.” Etc.
    Once you’ve converted the rank-and-file, it remains to deal with the buck-makers, who will be flushed out as their foot soldiers start to hesitate.
    Those videos of nice Jewish girls in Hebron attacking old Muslim women in the street, etc.: “I didn’t raise my daughter to be a storm-trooper.”

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