It’s dark out

For the last twenty minutes I’ve been sensing the darkness and have been convinced that it’s about to rain. But then I look outside and it’s clear blue skies. Are my eyes broken?

No. No, they are not. In fact what it is is this ridiculous time change. While the rest of the world can enjoy the sunlight every evening until October, here we have to suffer early and often. Ostensibly because of religion, today I believe this is just another method of torture inflicted upon us by a radical dictatorship (this post does NOT have a political motivation, just lots of annoyance at time changes in general). Our clocks “fell back” yesterday, and now it’s 5:30 but dark enough for 6:30. Two months ago it wasn’t this dark until 9. It’s going to be pitch black by 7. And it’s still hot out.

What planet am I on?


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