I support PPH running stories about Eid…why not?

Read this and then this. I don’t think he should have apologized.


6 thoughts on “I support PPH running stories about Eid…why not?

  1. Connor is the new owner after the Seattle holding company sold off the paper. He immediately laid off a lot of people and the paper instantly went from quasi-pseudo-Boston-Globe to sort of a free advertising circular. National news almost never makes the front page. When Michael Jackson died, he was on the front page three times in a week. They printed a reasonable headline when the IDF shot up the aid ship this summer: attack on aid ship leaves 10 dead, or something like that.
    A paper is supposed to be sensitive. But this indecision on Connor’s part evidenced in that apology, about whether separation of church and state is a good thing, whether Christianity is the established religion of the US, whether a newspaper’s job is to report news or to stoke party lines, well, it’s not so shameful if you were reading the PPH for decades. They had a reputation thirty years ago as a dreadful rag, and seven years ago they couldn’t get enough of the invasion of Iraq. Their line was like the Boston Herald’s: Al Qaida was hiding under the bed and flamethrowers were required. Their columnist, one of two, maybe, MD Harmon, still there (?), is a zealous Christian Zionist.
    So Connor might figure he has to preach to his choir.
    People here in the US who wear neckties and the like don’t like the idea that they are especially responsible for keeping “ordered liberty” alive. It’s apparently easier in the short run to sell democracy short–bet on its declining value. Play to the lynch mob.
    I glance at the headlines of the paper in the sidewalk vending box. I missed this story.
    I have to trace this particular line of foul fecklessness back to US support for Israel. When “we” hold up Jewish privilege under law as the greatest thing since Benjamin Franklin, it’s hard to keep the implications of that from tangling up a lot of our civics ideas. “Assuming that Israel is the exception to the rule about separation of church and state that proves the rule, . . . “, well, it’s hard to finish that sentence in any half-legible way. Add the power of AIPAC etal and the fervor of the Christian Zionists, it really is a good time to be a newspaper publisher and experiment with the idea that the people just want the truth.

    1. I absolutely agree that PPH is useless as far as papers go. At my house, we get the NYT for the news (not that it’s particularly unbiased) and the crossword puzzles, and the PPH for kindling for the wood stove.

      I actually found this because I get Journalism feeds on my Google Reader – I had to react because it’s my local paper and as a community member, I feel it my duty to react. The US, even if Israel is not, is for the most part a democratic society – this should extend beyond politics into our very lives.

  2. I’m feeling better but definitely chagrined. I fell into the trap. The trap of accepting everyone else’s interpretation without really reading it all myself. So, did I read the original story–mostof it, andI loved the front page photo. It was touching and moving.

    Did I read the apology? No. Did I read Justin Ellis’ blog, yes.

    So, now I read Greg Kesich’s Op Ed piece (http://www.pressherald.com/opinion/muslim-holiday-controversy-put-blame-in-wrong-place_2010-09-15.html?searchterm=muslim+holiday+controversy) and I realize maybe I didn’t read carefully/thoroughly enough. My hands have been slapped and I’m reminded to read and judge for myself.

    Will I keep subscribing? Probably, because people and newspapers make mistakes…and I need to keep reading, from lots of sources.

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