I wonder who’s going to get this internship?

Because good luck to them:

Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Internship
Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
Arlington, Virginia, United States

(Although it does sound like a cool job and if I were in school I would totally apply.)


One thought on “I wonder who’s going to get this internship?

  1. Sarcasm, where are you when I need you? We had one candidate we had to turn down because her Arabic was Iraqi-tinged and her Hebrew sent the HU guy up the wall with (what’s that word?)–well, it made his skin crawl–but she had this idea that the Israeli Jews, the non-Israeli Jews, the Israeli non-Jews, the semi-Israeli non-Jews–she had this set of flash-cards showing all these categories by symbols–and she’d flip them back and forth, put any two up side by side, and gesture with her hands, as if to say, “all the same,” “you and me, all the same,” those two, they’re the same”. It was (now I’ve got my sarcasm going) uproarious.
    Mortification, that’s the word. Sarcasm is a hard thing.

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