Little things

In a major feat of accomplishment I managed to actually find and buy cheddar cheese from the cheese counter at the friendly neighborhood Russian supermarket. I didn’t realize how much I missed cheddar cheese until I ate some. Granted, it’s no Cabot or Tillamook, but it’ll do in a pinch. Unfortunately, I did put it in my eggs this morning, which made me very very homesick (although mostly for Carver’s – fave breakfast/brunch in CO). But as silly as it is, I am very excited to now have it in my fridge and to know where I can get more. It is the staple portion of my diet that was missing until now. So thank god that’s been rectified.

It also made me realize how much I miss Triscuits and grilled cheese. In fact, I decided the first meal I want when I get home is grilled cheese (sorry Dad – maybe I’ll make sure I get home for lunchtime instead of dinner).


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