Little things, part dos.

For two equally silly reasons, today just made this week that much better. First is, I finally got New Twitter! For anyone who isn’t all up in the social media game, new Twitter is like old Twitter, but on steroids … my personal fave addition is the infinite scroll. As someone who isn’t * always connected * it’s annoying to have to keep clicking “more”. So that was exciting.

Then I went into the kitchen to get more tea, and I was thinking … it seems a little gray, a little heavy, a little like rain…and I look out the window and lo and behold it is downpouring. Absolutely torrential. Like Noah and the ark type shenanigans. And it’s glorious and amazing and my gosh I’ve been waiting so long for this to come…first rain of the season! I’m sure I’ll be sick of it soon enough but for now, I’m going to wallow in all its glory.


One thought on “Little things, part dos.

  1. Hypocritical spectacle–another name for being yourself? Well, it’s true that individualism as a national religion does produce mostly conventional–I seem to be gushing.
    I was just going to say that gushing is a good thing. I was going to suggest that if a certain notorious racist lately of Fall River, MA, were to have a blog like this, in no time at all he wouldn’t be a racist any more.
    He would grow comfortable in his own skin. Ah, but does he want to be?

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