One liners

Just on the other side of passport control in Athens, blogging from a “free internet access” kiosk (one of many – love Europe), briefly checking in with Google Reader, selectively News and Middle East categories, I feel like I am re-entering the bowels of the world.

Or it could be exhaustion, boredom, and self-loathing for putting myself in this position.

But more profound is the former. Faced with the prospect of more border lies, why do I do this?


One thought on “One liners

  1. I’m pretty sure Europe has its own bowels.
    I define a lie as a failure to tell someone what they have a right to know. Hence, with Jesuit casuists who ask if you should tell a notorious murderer where your sister is hiding, I’d say the murderer has no right to this information. I thus skip the question of active/passive lying. That would also cover bull-shitting.
    Are you telling lies at borders? Does the Shin Bet know this? Or are they telling you lies at borders, like about what shul you attended?
    You, in general, have to like the idea of profound.
    Avnery the other day used the term “political psychiatry”. It may be that we do politics, which you might call the practical art of debunking, as a means of debunking ourselves. Once something is clear, there is no political question, there is merely a moral imperative or not, an absolute–e.g., I’m going to shake hands with this leper no matter what, because A/ I know it is hardly contagious at all, and B/ these people here may need to know that I know this, me, the mzungu–so that all mzungus are not, in their eyes, as numb as fenceposts.

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