I didn’t know this about myself.

The Maine Voices opinion of Audrey Farber (“Peace for Mideast a complex topic,” Sept. 8.) was nothing more than a repetition of the same old anti-Israel propaganda that has been spewed for decades by Israel’s enemies.

Ms. Farber seems completely unaware of the amazing 3,000-year-old physical and spiritual connection that the Jewish people have had with the land of Israel and Jerusalem.

To deny the very real legitimacy of the Jewish people to their one and only, tiny homeland in the Land of Israel is to deny the existence of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, all Jews.

Ms. Farber has fallen under the spell of those who spread darkness and lies, when it is light and truth we need. Thank goodness Anwar Sadat of Egypt and King Hussein of Jordan did not consult with her or they would never have signed their peace treaties with the Jewish State of Israel.

Thank God I’ve been enlightened now.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t know this about myself.

  1. seems he did not read your article. I disagree with parts of what you wrote, and was sad to hear how little hope you (and your peers in Haifa) seem to have. But you were refocusing our attention on the issues of settlement, occupation, and human rights, as well as widening our knowledge of the divided political arena– on both sides. It would be a mistake to take netanyahu as Israel, just as it would be a mistake to take Abbas as Palestine. My heart really aches to see Israel choose so many discriminatory policies and continue unabated in violating so many people’s rights. I will always love Israel, but loyalty oaths, settlements, and the broader issue of occupation are unacceptable.

    miss you.

    1. Thank you – at least someone read it 🙂

      That was basically my point – I think it’s really easy for people removed from the place (like in the US) to conflate figureheads with the groups they ostensibly lead, and that leads to (horror of horrors) uninformed voting and opinion-forming and all that good stuff.

      And it’s not for a lack of hope overall, more that negotiating seems futile and will not longer, if it ever would have, get us anywhere.

      Be home soon!!

  2. Mr. Goldman’s letter (I don’t read that paper, so this is all news to me) (is that a pun?), fits two of my categories in combat psychiatry, which is my term for practicing law without a licence in areas the law is afraid to go. Firstly, it does not require a response. It speaks clearly enough on the main point in contention. Cross examination would be a mistake, a culpable distraction. Secondly, and this is less often found, it makes the opposing position so vivid that the verdict becomes almost visible in prospect. One can almost see the (metaphorical) judge flexing her (metaphorical) face preparatory to issuing a favorable ruling (metaphorical), perhaps even saying, metaphorically, “Okay, this trial is over, I’ve heard enough, I’m going to issue my ruling.”
    Mr. Goldman, if nobody else, deserves no less at the bar of justice.

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