¡Viva una revolución!

Political blogging-cum-demagoguery in the United States is unequivocally concerned with Obama’s approval ratings, Sharron Angle’s attacks on Harry Reid, where the Dems are losing, where the Tea Party is gaining, and how to fix all these problems. The right gets more right and the left gets more useless the longer this goes on.

But no one is even bothering to point out that all of these problems stem from the two-party system, how absurdly broken it’s become, or that we should try to change it.

Don’t ask me for a solution, I’m a die-hard political cynic (right now). I don’t think a multi-party system would work any better, but our two parties are so beyond salvation…revolution, anyone?

3 thoughts on “¡Viva una revolución!

  1. I must say I think it is unfair to say that no taxes one is complaining about the two party system here in the states. As much as I hate to admit it it the rise of the Tea Party is exactly a response to the grid lock in Washington I am just unhappy with their perceived remedies. Thete are also plenty if non_right eying independents running in various races they just have no chance of winning.

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