It’s Never Sunny in Audrey-delphia

At some point over the weekend, possibly due to germs flooding my system or due to a longer-term sense of despair, I decided to cease and desist all opinion-having and conviction-forming, determining it to be rather more effort than necessary. Indeed I was so dedicated to this disavowal of all things ideological that not only did I refuse to read the news or my RSS feeds, I skipped specifically to the Styles section of the Times and marked all my feeds as ‘read’ so I wouldn’t be tempted to read them later. I made every effort to flood my mind with nonsense and inanity – hours of The Three Musketeers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Prince of Persia – and found The Social Network even too realistic for my lose-my-head-in-the-clouds weekend. (Or it could be that Mark Zuckerberg is too close to seeming a lot like real people I know that it’s just weird. Also a lot of the movie I want to slap him and especially JT.)

Now it’s Monday and though I dispassionately flipped through the news just in case of an emergency (there have been way too many fighter jets in the last few days), for the most part I have engrossed myself in poring over Google Analytics statistics and Open Office spreadsheets because anything else might be too emotionally and intellectually draining.

Having ideas is too hard so I officially resign myself to zombie-hood and apathy as the official new course of action. Until something better comes along, that is, which for my own delicate constitution I certainly hope isn’t for a good long while.


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