Betty Draper would never eat sufganiyot

According to the WordPress analytics, here are the moment’s top searches reaching this blog: audrey farber only democracy, audrey farber, “betty draper such a bitch”.

Seriously? I don’t remember writing that Betty Draper was a bitch, even though she totally is…speaking of Mad Men, Season 5?

So everyone searching for me, here you go:
audrey farber only democracy
audrey farber
“betty draper such a bitch” (Okay, maybe I did say that, but who is actually boolean searching that??)

I actually started this because I was going to make the passing observation that Channukah/Hannukah/Hanunankkkakah is coming up soon (like tomorrow night), and there are sufganiyot at all the bakeries which is kind of cool.

And to make a shameless plug for our midthought blog project. Read us! Comment! Write! We want lots of dissenting and well-reasoned opinions.


One thought on “Betty Draper would never eat sufganiyot

  1. What if I don’t have dissenting (let along well reasoned) opinions??? I actually love reading all of you. Please pass it along to L, S, and A. Give our best to the trio when you next see/speak/email with them.

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