Haifa fire

So there’s this crazy fire here…it started with sort of your average forest fire type stuff, and then one village was evacuated, and then another, and then some more, and then a kibbutz burned, and then the wealthiest neighborhood of Haifa was evacuated…and now we’re just kind of sitting here, seeing what’s going to happen. It’s totally surreal.


2 thoughts on “Haifa fire

  1. The Only Democracy? might be the place for a review, New York Review-style, by you of the documentary film they featured yesterday about former IDF women soldiers. I’m afraid to look at it, lack the heart. But for those who haven’t seen state racism close up (I saw it in Iraq in 2004 with the National Guard), it probably would be bearable and therefore worth watching.
    Your Midthought blog–I’m full of ideas–could do a internal debate about culpability, social influences, the psychophysiology of stress, etc. E.g, “anxiety”, not racism, as the explanation for new anti-non-Jew legislation. Ira Sharkansky late of HU gave humanism one shot in a seminar he ran for border police, he wrote, and one of them explained, “No, you don’t understand–we enjoy hurting them.”
    As for the fire-storm, at least until some scandal comes out of this, it must be nice to see some evidence that Israel is on the same planet as the rest of us. The sanctity of the bubble has been compromised.

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