Michael Moore is lame.

So I just watched Capitalism: A Love Story. Maybe I’m becoming fiscally conservative – though I doubt it – and all I see in it is some uppity young folk trying to destroy the American dream. Or maybe I think Michael Moore is a sensationalist who doesn’t know how to draw legitimate comparisons.

He spends the entire movie contrasting capitalism with democracy with socialism – like somehow all three are not simultaneously feasible. Of course, in a vacuum, capitalism and socialism cannot coexist, and neither can democracy and socialism. But in the real world, you can take aspects of capitalism – like free enterprise – and impose government on it, in the form of regulation, and then make sure that government is socially responsible and takes care of all its citizens (socialism) through a democratic, one-man-one-vote process (democracy).

But apparently, we don’t live in the real world either. We live in Michael Moore’s world, where capitalism necessitates criminality and fraud and foreclosures and powerful corporate lobbies and back room deals, the American system is its enabler (which is often true, but due to its imperfect application and not necessarily inherent flaws in the system or concept), and the panacea for all maladies is magical mushroom socialism. Never mind all of socialism’s shortcomings, those don’t exist in Michael Moore’s world of black and white.

And yes, I know I’m like a year behind on this one. Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Michael Moore is lame.

  1. The movie is definitely sensationalist, but I think thats sort of the point. Its supposed to be an effort to get people to talk about the subjects talked about in the movie, all of which obviously aren’t completely true. Documentaries are rarely completely unbiased, most often they are skewed towards the direction the filmmaker thinks, and its up to the audience to make a determination. I am not saying thats the way it SHOULD be, but thats just the way it is. People want to be entertained, even when watching a documentary, which the primary purpose is to inform.

  2. To put it in context: I was watching it at gathering of a semi-Marxist political party in Israel, and I got the sense that a lot of the people watching it actually took him with a smaller grain of salt than I did. I guess I’m just worried for the good name America’s been so successful at maintaining in the Middle East (hah). But seriously, it’s hard to understand the entirety of the American financial/fiscal situation with all its nuances if you’re living in Israel and have your own shit to deal with. So it becomes incredibly easy to paint the American capitalist democracy in an overly negative light, especially if you’re looking for it.

  3. Understanding the American financial/fiscal situation is equally hard even if you are living right here in America! It is a quagmire of laws and loopholes that you almost need a degree to fully understand.

    It is also equally easy to paint the American capitalist democracy in a negative light when you live here, I know that I have a lot of problems with the way things are. That is a whole subject unto itself, and I will spare you my ramblings on that thoughts here in your comment sections! 😉

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