Dear World: I am so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted!

I got back to the states, what was it, two weeks ago? and time has veritably FLOWN by. I’m enjoying the luxury of kind of having two and a half jobs, which keeps me in yoga classes and beer, but simultaneously unfortunately keeping me away from writing as much as I’d like. But I’ve still been able to have a few posts on Mondoweiss, which is always nice. Especially this revelatory revolutionary one. I LOVE FEEDBACK and discussion.

If you want to follow my thoughts and actions more closely, there’s always Twitter. And we’re keeping midthought going, but it’s harder now with the dispersal, or Diaspora, if you will. Again, we love feedback, comments, criticism, and contribution!

Okay, no more shameless plugs.

It’s been a hard adjustment coming back; luckily I’ve been so busy and distracted I haven’t yet had the expected life panic breakdown. But silly little culture shock things are still affecting me. It’s cold. I do double-takes when I hear English on the street, I have a craving to talk about Israel ALL THE TIME (politics, not omg-how-awesome-living-abroad-is), and I miss watching muted Futurama at Dunk. And Staropramen (even though I totally appreciate the variety of taps at Novare). Sad! But I am working on getting integrated into whatever sorts of activism I can – like making the descriptions of MJFF movies more leftist-friendly. He he. Quelle scandale! And emailing everyone I know (of).


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