The Real Syrian Bride

I love love love the movie The Syrian Bride. But today it happened in reverse … for realsies.

So cool. So interesting. Golan Druze communities are super-fascinating. But films like The Syrian Bride and Shout effectively de-romanticize the cross-border communal bonds. Syrian Druze who are permitted to go between Syria and Israel will all ultimately face an impossible decision: permanence. It’s not just exile; it’s opt-in exile. Today’s young bride will never again see her family. (Unless by some unlikely miracle Syria and Israel forge a treaty, but I won’t waste my breath.) Druze students from the Golan who study in Damascus must ultimately choose a life in Syria or a life in Israel. How do you make the choice? How can you be expected to make a decision with such weighty permanence? What if she doesn’t like her husband? She has no recourse. And let’s not fool ourselves; she will never, ever become an Israeli citizen. From Syria to statelessness.

I can’t even imagine.


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