If he had a million dollars

I was walking down Carroll Street in the West End (the part of the West End with huge, old fancy brick houses, not the part with poor kids like me), and there was a landscaper trimming the bushes and running his mouth, apparently to no one. (About halfway through the following monologue, I realized the “uh huh”s and “yeah”s coming from the bush were actually coming from his fellow landscaper, ostensibly trimming the backside of the bush from the cellar window hole.)

“I don’t understand those people who say they wouldn’t know what to do with a million dollars. I could spend a million dollars in one day. I mean, you could save it and spend it wisely, and live on it for a long time – but you could buy an island or a fighter jet and it would just be gone.”

(You can read it again here.)

I laughed, and immediately texted it to myself so I wouldn’t forget. Then I emailed it to Overheard in Portland and told my co-worker about it. But it also got me wondering, how much does an island cost? Or a fighter jet?

According to Google Shopping (previous Froogle, the demise of which I sorely bemoan), fighter jets can cost from $2 to $1,049 for the model/toy variety. Unfortunately, it doesn’t understand “island,” “geological island,” or “real live island” and is trying to sell me books, kitchen surfaces, and bonsai trees.

This handy-dandy resource will sell you islands from just over $30,000 (for small islands off the coast of Panama or New Brunswick, Canada) to $160,000,000 (off of Thailand).

Then again, the Dubai world map islands range in price from $6,000,000 to $36,000,000.

And, dude, fighter jets will run you at least $25 mil. So good luck with that.

(But really what I wonder is, would he still eat Kraft dinner?)


One thought on “If he had a million dollars

  1. You might enjoy the Iris Dement song, Wasteland of the Free.
    A fan has provided a free listen for years. I played it for one of the regular Army chaplains after a church service in Iraq in 2004, a white guy, who was mortified, but his African-American assistant was rejoicing in the background, I dare say.

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