Quickie: #obl

The amount of media discourse involving the words “Muslim,” “Islam,” “jihad,” “Arab-Israeli,” “sharia law,” “caliphate,” and the number of questions suggesting Bin Laden has a mass (as in measurable and significant, politically) following in the Middle East and North Africa, show that we are in the exact same place in our ignorance of the Middle East as we were ten years ago.

Whether or not this infuriates and empowers or disheartens and emasculates Al Qaeda cells around the world will not change constant American military presence in the region. In other words, nothing will change.

(Now I have to work. More later, hopefully.)


2 thoughts on “Quickie: #obl

  1. Would you find a way, time-space-wise and interest-wise, to speculate on the implications for Israel-Palestine? I mean, if you’ve read this comment and are existentially free to bash on and blurt out whatever comes to your fingertips, as opposed to “running your taperecorder” (a desciption by a third party of my debate with a Kenyan MP which I thought had gone lovely, garnering me all kinds of secondary explosions in the enemy’s lair), does your natural run of thoughts tend to the effects of this heroic death (“heroic killing” doesn’t sound right, but “heroic death” makes it sound like OBL even won this round, posthumously) on the “Arab Awakening” as that high tide (metaphor switch) laps around Israel’s trouser hems?

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