We could all learn a little something.

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We could all learn a little something

2 thoughts on “We could all learn a little something.

  1. I finally, after ten years of mentoring from my in-absentia mentor in the law, challenged him on the case of Israel. He was the most, let’s say, Chomsky-ist law professor you could find: law and religion, law and psychology, legal clinic, law and social justice how ever you spell it. He mulled it over, thinking of me going to Iraq to defend the gains in the Global War On Terror, etc. He owed me a reponse. This is what it was: “nobody cares what I think of Israel.” This from one of those law professors, maybe they’re all like this, who live for seminars, colloquiums, conferences, networking, intellectual partnerships, the whole boutique scene.
    What is needed is to take the insights of the dysfunctionalism movement, the power-structure, the communications pattern, the micro- and macro- manifestations (a priest wrote a book called “The Dysfunctional Church”, referring to the Roman Catholic Church, which was a pretty good effort). The element I note today is the role of self-censorship. “Edith, stifle yourself.” “If we needed to know about this, they’d tell us.”
    Am I angry? Yes. You can only get angry about someone you have some hope for. To paraphrase St. Augustine on hope.

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