Why are women dying?

This article on Mother Jones, juxtaposed with the article in Rabble (CA) I had just read, piqued my interest. Is the female life expectancy going down in correlation with other factors? Initially I thought it might be related to institutional neglect of reservations, though my side-by-side comparison has proved that to be at least on its face inaccurate, with the possible exception of in South Dakota. (What does make for an interesting point, however, is then the either normalization or increase of female life expectancy on the reservations.) Then I compared to a map of the poorest counties in the US. There were a few more alignments here, but it didn’t seem the overall geographic trend could be attributed to either of these factors (inferior healthcare either in poverty-ridden areas or on the reservation or both).

Female Life Expectancy
Reservation Map
Low Income Map


One thought on “Why are women dying?

  1. Maybe it’s the “Southern Strategy”, Nixon weening southern white (males?) from the Democratic Party. These men traded their womenfolk’s access to services for their racist pride, since the Republican Party doesn’t take care of its minions like the Democratic Party does.
    Obviously the first thing to check is public social service expenditures in those death-belt states. It’d also be nice to check ethnicities. It’d be a further irony but probably bankable that these southern men’s pride was probably mostly paid for by southern dark-skinned women. No, not irony. What they had in mind. Irony from God’s point of view: people reorganizing themselves in order to hasten Armageddon.
    You read Carson McCullers and Flannery O’Connor and arrive at the conclusion that New York City would rather think of middle-class white trash as the misguided saviors of civilization than as architects and operatives of the Confederate States of America’s plan to fix the part of the Constitution about “we”. I.e., forget Carson McCullers (“Clock Without Hands”) and beatify Flannery O’Connor (speaking from reading three of her stories and several hagiographies by her Connecticut friends).
    Yet another reminder that Israel and especially its US branch or affiliate are not anything new conceptually but merely a new take on an old design.

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