A pro-death baby killer just can’t win.

My secret obsession with political rhetoric and semantics has been vindicated. The headline on this post on Think Progress’s Health blog pits Anti-Choice versus Pro-Choice, rather than the right-preferred, sensationalist Pro-Life versus Anti-Life.

Sadly, this pre-empts/undercuts the post I was planning to write, which was going to be an eye-opening and incisive critique of leftistish versus rightistish rhetoric, culminating in the ground-breaking conclusion that the left will never win because the right’s messages are more incendiary and viral. The non-dichotomy between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life was going to be my jumping off point.

… but the good news is, now I can spend more time doing other, more important things. What those are, I can’t quite divulge.


5 thoughts on “A pro-death baby killer just can’t win.

  1. How do you evaluate the following piece of rhetoric? “Israel’s security and legitimacy are non-negotiable.”

    1. Incoherent. “Israel’s security is non-negotiable” isn’t what they mean; that would mean Israel is secure, but that is decidedly not what anyone who spouts this line is hoping to express. Perhaps the talking points should be amended to “Israel’s NEED for security is non-negotiable.”

      Legitimacy is a question for a larger keyboard…suffice to say the statement “Israel’s legitimacy is non-negotiable” is at least coherent and connoted the intended meaning.

  2. The people, in your estimation, are prey to “viral, incendiary” rhetoric.
    Hence, Israel is a bastion of safety because it has no truck with democracy and law.

  3. I think back with some fondness to Richard Nixon. I remember not just my dread on seeing the Portland Press Herald headline in 1968, “It’s Nixon!” in huge letters, but my standing against the rest of my family in 1960 as a five-year-old, they preferring Nixon over Kennedy.
    Nixon not only did the two main bits of statespersonship in the US’s 20th century other than Carter’s giving the Panama Canal to Panama (!): getting the US out of the Vietnam War and tripping over the People’s Republic of China in the dark, where his predecessors had been able to dance around it and alight on Taiwan or some Shanghai wharf with its “No Chinese or Dogs Allowed” signs.
    But Nixon also had the US public pegged, which he’d need to in order to screw them over repeatedly and successfully, like in that Checkers speech and his House Un-American Activities Committee activities (a star is born). Two phrases of his, “clumsy giant” and “silent majority”, paint the picture we still see today. Here’s a joke: “e pluribus unum” and “dirigo”, placed together properly like in a Nicholas Cage or Tom Hanks movie, form the rubric “Look, we just don’t want any trouble here.”
    Israel saw this ripe plum dangling from a little constitutional twig and “harvested the day”. Plus, Israel gets to pay the price personally for its own folly and so perhaps learn from it sooner. The US’s own flirtation with law and democracy is not so obviously headed for a climax. But a shotgun wedding may be in the offing. Or a traditional Maine murder-suicide.
    “People” in the US (the voice of authority) say, “Don’t talk about politics or religion.” So that leaves sex. Which you can’t talk about. But they don’t tell you that. So they can’t deport you if you didn’t know you were banned from entry. Sort of. So the general rule, “Everybody lies about foreign policy, ” applies. Which means that you can tell people’s religion and politics by seeing how they lie about sex. So what is the problem in general today?
    The US is hearing rumors, which it is perforce taking seriously, that its opinions do not shape the laws of physics. If the rumors were not so obviously false, the US would have to investigate them. In the mean time, persons are advised to bolt themselves to the Earth.
    And now back to our program.
    If there is an emergency, it will be destroyed.
    Sort of remind you of Israeli politics, only without the ironic note?

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