Google+ to become Google-

I know, I know, they were saying Google+ was going to be the new Facebook. I didn’t think it would be like this.

I suppose my head was in the clouds, but I thought/was hoping that meant it would be like the old Facebook, you know, when it was people, and people you knew, and it worked, and it wasn’t spammy or filled with “social media experts” who posted obnoxiously bland things about how awesome their weekend was and how was yours? comment below PLEASE RT.

When I got my invite to Google+, I was psyched. Here it was, at long last. A pared down, no frills networking site, restricting my circles to people I actually knew; those I had emailed with, those with whom I had at least some semblance of a human relationship.

And that’s the clincher, at least for me: I want to share with people. I don’t want to share things like photos, links, and stories with organizations, businesses, or any other non-human entity. So I appreciated Google+’s restrictions to things with names, birthdays, etc. I.e., real people.

You can imagine my disappointment when I read this. Businesses do NOT NEED another way to invade our private lives. We live in such a corporate, media-filled, and advertising-asphyxiated society as it is. I want my friend space – in this case Google+, formerly Facebook – to be filled with, well, friends. NOT people trying to sell me things. If I want to know about your organization, I’ll Google you. Or I’ll call you. Or go to your store. Or I’ll email you, and if I find that humans work there, maybe I’ll add them to one of my cleverly-titled Google+ circles.

If Google+ thinks about this, and they should, they will realize the reason they could potentially throw Facebook flat on its face is precisely BECAUSE there is currently no support for businesses and organizations as there is on Facebook, the business presence being one of the main reasons I have recently waffled with deactiviting my FB account. This restriction is what sets them apart, and if they allow businesses to build profiles or pages or whatever, they will become no better than a cleaner version of Facebook. And then, really, what’s the point?

As an early adopter, I wish I had more of a say on how this platform developed, but of course, businesses are louder and wealthier than I, and the monetization of the internet is something I am literally powerless of stop…woe unto us.


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