At least WP has my back.

Does anyone else find this inexplicably hilarious? Thanks for the help, WP.

That post was far out, man.
UPDATE: After posting this, WordPress told me “Wonderful!” instead of “Groovy!” I wonder how many encouragement words has come up with? I should switch this to .org to avoid such corporational motivational encouragement. Go team, go!

One thought on “At least WP has my back.

  1. Jimmy Buffet, if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.
    I just watched the Palestinian Center discuss social media and Palestine with that guy over on the sofa from Stream on Al Jazeera and a Georgetown professor.
    And I’m reading, after long prodding, “Game Change” by Halperin and Heilleman about Obama’s election. They’ve just described how he launched his Presidential campaign: all the other Senators, etc., wanted him to come raise money for them, so he required them to turn over their email lists in exchange.
    Having seen the campaign from the inside a little bit, it’s a way to create a flash in the pan. It’s also like caucuses v. primary elections.
    So the wisdom is, tweeting is fine for headlines, but sooner or later you need a story. If all you have is headlines, then all you have is slogans, and very quickly you get very sick of hearing slogans.
    All of which you already knew.
    The thing here is, we’re at that stage where everybody is wanting to bolt but nobody wants to go first, so everybody is eyeing everybody else with one eye on the door. I guess that leaves everybody cross-eyed, squinting, rooted to the spot. At this current moment, then, people are sidling toward the door with innocent looks on their faces.

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