It could be worse.

Leaving the Twins game (in the middle of the eighth), we saw a pregnant homeless woman with a sign reading “it could be worse.” The Twins were and ended up embarrassingly losing 8-1. I felt like I was an Indians fan in the beginning of Major League. Dan is still uniquely disturbed by the Twins’ loss. I am more concerned with the pregnant homeless woman. It could always be worse.

On a brighter note, the Mets beat the Braves and there’s a hurricane a-comin’.


One thought on “It could be worse.

  1. I assume she looked like she was taking care of herself. If she was boozing, it would raise a slight moral crisis for passers-by. No, a clear moral crisis–they would have to say to her, “What are you doing to your fetus?” Well, if she’s obviously pregnant, then she is probably (what does that mean?) past the time of legal abortion. So, “What are you doing to your unborn child?”
    What does it cost to frown at someone? Not much, you would think. But to consider that the Israel lobby, for example, operates by frowning ever so slightly at goys who look like they might be thinking critically about Israel, a slight frown has the effect of a WMD, so should we be glad that goys don’t go around flinging off frowns at random (like a “shelling” tank “storming” a Syrian town)? At least they are not descending into a cycle of violence?
    Or does the condescension, smirk, hard eye, etc., that serves in place of a frown among, to use another term, “white” people betoken the absence of interpersonal integrity, mutual self-respect, an absence that really defines “whiteness” (or “goyness”)?
    Again I’m reminded of three definitions of hope from Christian scholars: “anger is a sign of hope” (Augustine), “hope is the interpersonal virtue” (K. Rahner), and “hope means, ‘I hope in you for us.'” (G. Marcel).
    Max Smart to the Honk Kong tailor trying to get Smart to take the “lazer blazer” back to Control HQ without telling him what it is, and who just told Smart that he’d made the blazer himself despite the label “Goldstone” sewn in its lining, “Funny, you don’t look Hungarian.” I missed the last word in the punchline. “Hungarian” is my best guess. Episode made in 1968.

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