Confluence (would go well)

Taste testing Boulevard’s Collaboration No. 2 and Deschutes Conflux No. 2 (same “White IPA” recipe, different breweries)…


…and comparing influence of traditional Irish music in The Decemberists, Mark Knopfler, and The White Stripes.




(title reference)


2 thoughts on “Confluence (would go well)

  1. I was chatting with the Irish guy (“you can tell, huh?”) drawing my blood at the donor center, who really seemed to like Guiness Stout. I was getting rapturous about it, about the fact (I may not have made this clear to him) that something so good could be so commercially successful–maybe capitalism worked after all.
    So could someone take Guiness’s recipe and make it in another brewery? I drank it in Kenya which came from the factory up the road, but it tasted like Guiness, and I’ve had non-Guiness which did not taste like stout at all, though who am I to judge?
    Jews killed Jesus, Jews killed Rabin, Jews kill their kings, Israel is a democracy, the Jews there will all kill themselves since they’re all in charge, whether or not Israel is Kafka’s death machine (reference omitted).
    The answer to that dilemma (which David would have understood if he had existed, as Uri Avnery would say) is for them to find a therapist. Jews don’t kill their therapists, right?
    I’m thinking Israel is stewing up a good war with Egypt. With the latter’s Abrams tanks and F-16’s, it would look more like a real European war, millions of casualties, high production values, what’s the problem? With that in the rearview mirror, getting nuked by someone would be a satisfying conclusion. Refreshing, not too light, nothing ala poseur.
    Maybe one thing I can add as a member of the Nations here is that none of us goys are going to bail you out, not even the most devoted suck-ups–especially not them. You understand that, right? We’re not talking remoras. We’re talking washable tattoos. Please tell me you understand that. Fifty million people CAN be wrong–have no idea what they’re doing. It’s our educational system. Ignoring that everybody around you is fucked up is the crown jewel of our Great Ideas.
    Do they drink beer (pale ale) in India?

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