Announcement of Intention to #occupyUSA

I have decided, perhaps rashly, to go to an #occupy protest in every city I find myself in over the next few weeks.

I went to the original #occupywallstreet protest (and the 20,000+ person march with the labor unions) yesterday, and I was astounded by how truly universal it felt. I will post here and on midthought as I try to make this happen. If you know anyone who is interested in reading about what these protests are like, please feel free to let them know I am doing this and to follow along!

Here’s my tentative schedule:
Wed., Oct. 5: #occupywallstreet (NYC)
Sun., Oct. 9: #occupydc
Mon., Oct. 10: #occupyphilly
Then maybe:
#occupymn (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
And if they’re still going:

If you want to check one out near you, they are going on in a crazy number of cities.

Standing with signs, Zuccotti Park, #occupywallstreet

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