I’ve made it now to four cities in my nomadic occupation. NYC was BIG. Crowded. What you’d expect of a popular resistance movement (so to speak) in the big apple. In comparison, DC was smaller, far more disorganized, and just seemed haphazard in general. Baltimore, though smaller by far than DC, seemed at least consistent within itself and like it had a core of dedicated participants. It was artistic, too. Being stations next to a three-masted sailboat didn’t hurt, either. I’m sitting in Philly now, at the edge of the demonstration in front of City Hall (15th and Market). Philly is big, with a large contingent of tents and even a family section. The participants seem more diverse; more average citizens than there were in New York, more spectators becoming participants and then disappearing again. There is still perplexity on the part of some spectators, but less shame and less anger than there was in New York.

I realized as I was driving by that I skipped Wilmington, though. Oops. Sorry, Delaware.


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