It absolutely boggles my mind that more than 1,000,000,000 (one BILLION) people have been born in my lifetime. And in my memory; we “celebrated” 6-billion day sometime when I was in elementary or early middle school.

I can’t even fathom these numbers.

That is all.


One thought on “7,000,000,000

  1. Maybe you could try journalism.

    “PARIS (AP) — Palestine became a full member of UNESCO on Monday in a highly divisive breakthrough that will cost the agency a fifth of its budget and that the U.S. and other opponents say could harm renewed Mideast peace efforts.”

    “PARIS (AP) — Palestine won its greatest international endorsement yet on Monday, full membership in UNESCO, but the move will cost the agency one-fifth of its funding and some fear will send Mideast peace efforts off a cliff.”

    Sarah DiLorenzo bylined the former, earlier appearing, (1:49 PM ET) lead herself, but got help from Bradley Klapper for the latter, updated version (in the last half hour, at least as far as the Yahoo roundup is concerned). Her earlier opening followed with an interesting fact: “Soon after the vote, the United States cut funding to the organization because of a U.S. law that bars funding an organization that has Palestine as a member before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached.”

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