How boring is life?

My life is so boring I have to wear Nicole Miller to the library because I don't go anywhere else.



3 thoughts on “How boring is life?

  1. Pamela Constable at the Commonwealth Club of California, World Affairs Council of Northern California, talking about her book, Pakisan at War with Itself, hosted by Chuck Frankel, she’s from Brown U., Boston Globe, now WaPo for seventeen years, and she uses “we” in her remarks to designate AIPAC/J-Street as the current owner of the US Government brand.
    A liberal-minded, well-meaning fascist. Her total loyalty is owed to her patron. The patron’s enemies are “bad people”.
    She knows all the trees in Pakistan and Washington, but the forest is none of her business. In lieu of seeing the forest, she has magic words like “terrorist” and, most of all, “we”. They keep her from seeing the forest.
    She says, “absolutely there’s hope”. For what? For “our” policies, presumably. You ought to hear Jane Wales’ lilting tones as she makes the closing announcement. Triumphalism, as liberal Catholics would put it. Right before the fall.
    One must delight in the enemy’s discomfiture, but in a sober fashion.
    Nice looking fabric.

  2. Chic library wear…Americans are generally quite casual in attire outside of the home so you’re bucking the trend. Vous etes Francaise? (Excusez moi, je ne parle pas en Francais.)

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