Apparently the internet hates me today so rather than putting things where they belong I will have to put things here.

Did ya see me recently here, on my friend Ariel’s blog about sustainable fashion. Who knew us ski bums could be fashionable AND eco-friendly.

I am trying to actually do this project, but my inability to upload pictures or pretty much use pictures at all at the moment is sort of undermining my motivation.

Still plugging along on midthought and our Your Middle East column: I really need to re-engage in the whole shenanigan (any ideas? thoughts? send ’em along).

A little ski/snowboard porn for those of you suffering withdrawal:

Snowy Days

2 thoughts on “Catch-up.

  1. One must resist the urge, the call, to walk off into the woods, lay down, curl up, and go to sleep. It is nature’s call, indeed, but its meaning is, “Go home, rest up, you need to heal, otherwise you are about to be weeded out.” “Oh, nature continues, “Be sure to check your friends, many of whom are not, and your enemies, many of whom are your friends, and the fence-straddlers, which there is no such thing as.” “This,” nature concludes, “Is a union shop.” I’m not sure nature knows exactly what that “union shop” status entails. It’s something about going along convinced that we are all in this together, especially the snipers on the balconies shooting us to earn frequent-flier miles. In a word, rhythm.
    I personally don’t own any stock in the Middle East. I have a friendly slice of the Near East. The two competing property systems make hay for the lawyers.
    Do people in fact crack sick jokes on the scene of a disaster? No, I don’t think so. Bill Mauldin would call that “garritrooper” behavior, someone else’s “PX hero”. In my limited experience, it’s the nice thing about a disaster scene. No bullshit. People are all bullshitted out. The assholes crawl and the heroes stride. “You pop tall,” a Vietnam vet told me. Even crawling is holy: the ground, the human body, etc., are good material, and when you submit yourself to it entirely, you’re holy. So it shakes itself out into there being no longer heroes and assholes but merely strong and weak people, in proportion to their ability to face what Uzi2 on Al Jazeera calls “fact-based reality”. And no one is reliably strong or weak in that measure. It is the admission of weakness that is strength.

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