Picture perfect

After reminding myself to do so a million times over the last few years, I finally printed a few of my photos. It was really thanks to one photo in particular, a long-exposure shot of the Badlands at sunrise that just came out pretty phenomenally (if I do say so myself) and the “social media” reaction I received from the shot, that I printed anything at all.

Badlands shot is the top left. Clockwise: Rosh Ha Nikra/Israel-Lebanon Border; Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

COOL now I have sweet “art” on my walls. Those are each 20×30. Packing tube!! (Also the fact that Shutterfly had a 50% off sale on large format prints didn’t hurt…)


2 thoughts on “Picture perfect

  1. Obama’s reelection theme: racism is wrong. It doesn’t work.
    He talks like that. Pauses, like stretched Arabic or Hebrew on a map_______________
    The lobby will replace him with a rent-a-cop if he doesn’t confront it with the signs of the times. So I’m saying it’s not quite time to return to your homes and resume your normal occupations. Racism has to be, what was the term, disrupted, destroyed, and discommoded. Not that there will be no homes in the alternative, but there will be no regime once the lobby disperses, so if the lynch mob mentality lingers as the institutional consensus, we are all toast.
    مع السلامة
    I probably sound like the National Weather Service radio broadcast from Gray, telling you this afternoon what yesterday’s weather was like and predicting what will have happened this morning.
    Beauty is God’s warning.

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