Day 2, Day 3

On Day 2, we marched. (On Day 3, we called our Senator about Healthcare.)

It was huge, it was remarkably quiet, and it seemed honestly quite festive, like the social event of the season. Which, of course, was a little disturbing. I’m all for documenting on social media, but not everything needs to be a selfie opp, #amirite? Anyway, I also found the whiteness of the crowd, at least in Portland, a little discomfiting, but it’s always hard to know here how much of that is just due to the nature of the demographics of the state, or something else.

I also had another, perhaps more critical realization. It started while reading several posts from Facebook contacts, urging unity, compromise, understanding, etc., etc., with the other side of the aisle, with the racists, with the ethnocrats, with the white supremacists, with the America First-ers, basically, with Trump supporters, all the fluffy words we bill as integral parts of the human experience, assuming we like all humans the same. The warm-hearted liberal in me is all, “yes! unity! peace! understanding! compromise!”. But the cold-hearted progressive is all, “fuck them.” And I’m leaning cold. Frigid.

Over the last several years (yes, this didn’t begin with Trump, and that’s part of it):

• A white boy walked into a church and murdered men and women, because they were black, and he wanted to start a race war. A. RACE. WAR.*

• A white boy who was a varsity athlete at Standford raped a girl and got away with it, because he was “a good kid”, sexual assault apparently notwithstanding (and I use the quotes to reference the way we view goodness as whiteness, achievement, and popularity, not a direct quote from anywhere)

• A genocide-sized roster of black men have been killed by policemen, “neighborhood watchmen”, prison guards, and by the structural injustices of the American system.

• Jewish centers have received bomb threats.

• The windows of shops owned by Muslims have been smashed.

• Women’s hijabs have been ripped off in public.

• We’ve been hollered at, groped, told what to do with our bodies, told what it’s okay to have other people do to our bodies, and told that we are nothing more than our bodies.

• The then-President-elect of the United States of America refused to hold press conferences, and when he did, he lied, kicked reporters out, and accused the media of lying. His propaganda machine is strong, Supreme Leader.

• RUSSIA rigged the election. The man who put Pussy Riot in jail guaranteed Trump’s success.

I literally want so badly (bigly) to keep going with this list but I physically can’t. I think that’s enough to continue. Trump’s election is just the next despicable event in this long line of despicable events, and one that makes it even easier for despicable people to do despicable deeds.

So pardon me if I don’t want to strive for unity, and want to focus my energy on driving the national narrative to the left. Pardon me if I don’t make every effort in my over-sized liberal heart to “understand where they’re coming from”, and focus on drowning out their over-amplified voices. Pardon me if I have no interest in fucking compromise, and focus on the end game of the righteous majority: the preservation and enrichment of democracy, of government by the people, for the people. Their willful ignorance, their cognitive dissonance, their fundamental self-righteousness got us into this mess, and I don’t want their fucking opinion on how to get out.

Forgive the Fox News-ism, but this election was a scam and a sham. I don’t feel obligated to listen to or respect the man-thingy that has ended up in the White House, or any of his corrupt, world-destroying minions. For a man who clearly doesn’t understand checks and balances, he’s about to get checked and balanced by we the people so. damn. hard.


* You guys know that poem that people are always saying, like, “they came for the socialists, and I was not a socialist …” ? Well, it seems to me, that it should be rewritten for the modern era something as follows: “They came for the black men, and I was not a black man … / They came for the Muslims, and I was not a Muslim … / They came for the immigrants, and I was not an immigrant … / They came for the women, and I was not a woman … / … “

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