Shit I Cook Myself: Juice Bar Soup

This is not quick because you gotta roast carrots (an hour) and then cook shit, let it cool, kind of cook it again … but maybe 2.5-3 hours total if you’re feeling it.

Yeah I screen-shotted my own story so what.

2 lb. hyper-local carrots from you friendly neighborhood food co-op, roasted whole
1 onion, chopped up
1 small nug fresh ginger, chopped or whatever
1 small nug fresh turmeric, chopped or whatever
2 star anise-s
0-3 pinches of aleppo pepper or your fave spicy
salt, to taste

low-heat sauté onion with some olive oil or your preferred fat
chop up carrots, add to onion — SKIN ON, I like the taste of dirt
toss all around with ginger and turmeric, add in star anise, and salt
add water to cover
forget about you’re cooking and walk away until most of the water is gone
let it cool so you don’t die
food process/magic bullet/purée whatever till it’s as smooth as possible
I definitely food processed for a good few minutes
put back into pot, add a bunch more water (like 2x volume maybe, till you get a consistency you like)
add maybe a quarter cup of cream (cuz it’s sitting in your fridge going bad)
and a splash of vinegar-y red wine, because it’s sitting there
add some salt if you need
decide it needs some spice so add aleppo pepper in generous pinches until you’re like….that’s enough
stir it all around and bring it to hot (but don’t boil, because cream) (I did it all on low heat, lots of walking away and coming back)
Eat. It. Up.