Currently experimenting with post-graduate nomadism and engaging in the infamously fruitless quest to find myself, or something like it.

Recently this adventurousness brought me to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado where I engaged in the time-honored tradition of ski-bumming for a winter season. Then the winds called to me and a seven-week road trip in a vaguely circuitous route across the country was in order, stopping in such fabulous locations as the canyons of the southwest, Lake Tahoe, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, big glaciers, geothermally active earth, flatness, big lakes, Canada, small mountains, and home sweet home New England. Following a brief respite, I went to save the world through a socially responsible internship in Northern Israel, replete with hummus and falafel and tear gas and overnight getaways to Sinai.

After six months of trying to save the world and desperately failing, I embarked on the time-honored tradition of writing flamingly opinionated editorial commentary on everything and anything that happens, and taking pictures and making them look as depressing as possible. As I revealed (in the prophetic sense) to a family member recently, “Idealism comes here to die”. If you are so inclined, you can find more such enlightenment at midthought.

I lay low for another few months in the coastal hamlets of Northern New England, muddled through the middle of the country and ended up back in sunny Colorado.

Follow the adventure!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your personal history, as confirmed by your plans for the future, seems to suggest that you would become a great Canaaneer. Read, if tou would, please, my book on CANAAN, unitingPalestine and Israel into the 51st State of the USA. See my blog and sites, incl grazian-archive.com. Sincerely, Alfred

  2. Hi Audrey,

    Thank you for your courage and compassion for the people of Palestine and Israel. Your actions give hope to those who continue to suffer under occupation.


    Stewart Mills, Sydney

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