Haifa Fire 2

Just checked the weather and it might rain Monday and Tuesday. So first of all, fat chance. But second of all, as much as I’d like to think that’ll go a long way in putting this fire out…I just don’t think it will. At this point, though, can’t hurt. More than 50 hours now, and it keeps spreading, and new fires keep popping up. I still can’t see smoke from my neighborhood, can only smell it occasionally, so it’s STILL unreal.

The city, though, is dead. Ben Gurion, which is normally crowded and hectic and overwhelming on a Friday night, was as relaxed as a back porch in the boondocks of Mississippi last night.

I’m keeping track of the breaking news headlines on ynet, the only up-to-date English-language coverage of what’s going on. That, and word on the street. The sheer amount of negligence involved that let it get this big is mind-boggling…

And here’s a little something to occupy your time:

And bring back memories.